Dance Classes For Adults

Dance promotes relaxation
Dancing improves health & wellness
It helps you to lose weight
Learning new moves will help you to gain sense of achievement
Boosts self-confidence
It is a creative outlet
It is challenging & sophisticated hobby
It is fun and exciting exercise
A great activity to share with your partner

 Competitive dancing is a style of dance in which couples perform several different dances in front of judges who evaluate and score each routine, frame, posture, musicality and expression. Competitors collect total number recalls through each round until the finals. In the finale couples placed typically 1–6, though the number of couples in the final may vary.

A Social Dancing (also known Social Dance) is any dance done for pleasure. Usually it is free form of dance, it means, that Social Dancing is not restricted to any level(Bronze, Silver, Gold) or any style. You can use it at parties, weddings, corporate evenings etc. Social dance is designed to express and not to impress.