Competitive Dance


 Competitive dancing is a style of dance in which couples perform several different dances in front of judges who evaluate and score each routine,
frame, posture, musicality and expression, timing, shape, foot and leg action, and presentation.Competitors collect total number recalls through each round until the finals. In the finale couples placed typically 1–6, though the number of couples in the final may vary.


 Competitions are divided into professional and amateur, though in the USA pro-am (professional-amateur) competitions typically accompany professional events.There are strict rules of the competitive dancing such as age division, style of dance, level division(bronze, silver, gold, etc.). Dance couples can compete in American Style Smooth and Rhythm, and International Style Standard and Latin. Although a lot of professional couples prefer to compete in one style. As for the amateur student who is competing pro/am they do different styles.The student can choose dances they want to do.  Students can dance at different levels: bronze,silver,gold.

Competitive dancing is available for adults & children. It helps you become more self-disciplined & it encourages you to work hard, to be more productive during practice, build stamina, having a goal makes your training focused & much, much more.

 At Moonlight Ballroom we will provide you with all your needs from social to competitive level. We are experts in:
solos - "signature numbers"
open routine